Ale for all occasions

Having a party, stag-do, wedding or just getting a group of friends together to celebrate we can provide ale for all occasions.

We can provide casks in pins and firkins. A ‘pin’ ( approx. 36 pints) or a firkin ( approx. 72 pints). Both can be supplied with the loan of a tap and hand pump. Please note: there is a refundable deposit which we ask in return for empty casks and bar equipment we provide.

A smaller ‘take away’ option

We can provide real ale in 5 litres (approx. 8.5 pts), 10 litre (approx. 17 pints), and 20 litre (approx. 35 pint) polypins (bag in a box) containers. Each polypin comes with its own ready to serve tap and you don’t need to pay a deposit or return the empty cask.

We are also happy to take on commissions and customise the labelling of our ale to suit your specific event.