What’s Brewing

In keeping with our local roots and strong sense of identity, each of our beers comes with its own grid reference, so real enthusiasts can explore the source of their own favourite ale!

The Brewery

We have recently installed a bespoke eight barrel brewing plant capable of producing over 2000 litres per week.  This was constructed in situ inside the back premises and courtyard of the 300 year old Fintry Inn.  Our new plant enables us to produce beer in sufficient quantities to supply both the Fintry Inn and also local pubs in the surrounding area.  Currently we are able to supply beer in firkins (9 gallons) and we are exploring the possibility of bottling in the near future.  We hope also to be able to provide beer in polypins and other off-sales containers before the end of the year.

Bill Brewing

Brewing is an ancient skill and industry using simple ingredients; the skill is in blending these elements to produce pure quality products.  We feel that our beers adhere to this principle using only water, malted barley, hops and yeast. We are able to supply our beers either filtered or unfiltered (the latter being suitable for vegans).

The current beers are:

Knockybuckle   ABV 4.5%


OS NS6475 – 7915 Elevation 380m

“A delicious medium strength pale ale with a blend of European and American floral hops”

Clachertyfarlie   ABV 3.9%


OS NS 5550 8320  Elevation 530m

“Mellow easy drinking light amber ale brewed with traditional hops.  Fresh and dry it is just with pleasantly bitter finish”

Meikle Bin  ABV 4.1%

Meikle Bin

OS NS 6672 – 8210  Elevation 570m

“A dark red, malty 70 shilling-style ale with a balanced bitter finish”